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Hospitality Employment Background Screening

Get the Certainty You Need to Build Your Dream Team

Business owners in the hospitality industry know that their employees are the face of their companies. Hiring quality employees and knowing they will keep customers safe is non-negotiable for restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

As a leading background screening company, Screen Corps helps businesses in Florida and nationwide build teams they can trust and combat turnover with our customized hospitality employment background screening services. Hospitality industry leaders know that service excellence begins with trust.

Why the Hospitality Industry Needs Background Screening

The hospitality industry needs background screening to:

  • ensure employees are who they say they are
  • minimize the risks of theft and fraud
  • enhance guest safety, security, and satisfaction
  • protect a company’s reputation
  • foster a safe and productive work environment
  • and more.

By making informed hiring decisions, you can create a safer, more enjoyable experience for your customers and your employees and lay the foundation for long-term success in the hospitality industry.

Choose Your Package or Create Your Own

Screen Corps has developed employee screening packages that meet the needs of most companies in the hospitality industry. These packages can help you quickly evaluate entry-level employees and get them on board quickly

They also assess your management team, verify their credentials, and check their references. You can also add on to these packages with services like credit checks for employees who handle money, MVRs for employees who drive company vehicles, and drug screenings for employees who handle heavy equipment.

The Front-Line Package

Choose our Front-Line Package to get essential screenings for your front-line staff. This package includes the following:

The Manager Package

The Manager Package includes screening processes for potential management team members. Items include:

The Executive/Professional Package

Our Executive/Professional Package offers a set of screenings that can help you gain confidence when hiring for leadership positions, including:

If you would rather create custom screens to meet your needs, Screen Corps can help with that, too. Select the screens you need from the menu below, and we can help you set up your own hospitality employment background screening package and build your team.

Why Screen Corps?

Our founder served as Secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and worked closely with industry leaders across the state. She heard first-hand from hotels, resorts, restaurants, and hospitality industry leaders about the fierce competition for talent and the pressure to hire qualified employees quickly. Those leaders and you should choose Screen Corps not only because we understand the challenges you face but also because of our:

  • commitment to getting you results–quickly
  • customer service and support
  • significant experience and industry expertise
  • flexible, affordable packages
  • promise to help you stay in compliance with state and Federal law

Don't Just Take It From Us

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Screen Corps: Your Hospitality Background Screening Partner

Hospitality employment background screening isn’t just a good practice – it’s a wise investment in guest experience. Contact Screen Corps to start the conversation and get the information you need to build a great team.