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Hiring top talent requires reliable screening. As a trusted background screening company, Screen Corps can help you build a stronger team. Gain confidence in your recruits by screening with Screen Corps.

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Compliance with the FCRA is essential. Screen Corps was founded by a lawyer and former state regulator. We believe in doing things by the book. You can rely on us to ensure a compliant process.


You want to onboard that new hire yesterday and need fast results. Our swift turnaround times have you covered.


With today’s competition for talent, you need a partner who can help you quickly get the information you need. We’ll work with you to build the right screening solution for your workforce and industry.

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Make Informed Hiring Decisions with Screen Corps

Competition for talent is tough. You need a partner who can help you select great employees who meet your criteria, and you need results quickly. Choose between our packages, create your own, or reach out to discuss your business needs. We can help you check:


Attract, Hire, & Retain Your Industry’s Best

We serve a broad range of industries nationwide with our background screening services. 


Finding good electricians, plumbers, welders, and other construction employees is challenging. When you find a great one, you must move quickly. We’ll help. Our Florida-based background screening company confirms the applicant’s identity, conducts the national criminal record search immediately, and promptly checks education, employment, and references.

Health Care

Your patients and their families trust your employees to care for them and keep them safe. You want to set high standards and know that being fully-staffed with a quality team is essential to your success. We’ll help you swiftly check out your candidates and get them on board.


Your employees are critical to your customer experience. Because your team engages regularly with customers, you need to know that you can trust them and that they will keep your customers safe. We can help make the hiring process less stressful and more successful.

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Holly Benson, our founder, believes that outstanding employees are the foundation for exceptional companies. Her experience as a lawyer, state regulator and Fortune 50 executive convinced her of the importance of finding great employees, and she saw how crucial it was to get qualified employees hired without a lot of red tape. When she founded Screen Corps, she envisioned a background screening company that would be a partner to businesses nationwide, help them hire qualified employees, and follow the law. We look forward to serving you.