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Screen Corps’ comprehensive background screening services give employers the confidence that they’re hiring qualified employees who will keep their customers and companies safe. We offer compliant solutions for various industries, including construction, hospitality, health care, startups, staffing, nonprofits, automotive, and government entities.

If you’re searching for reliable employee screening look no further than Screen Corps. Reach out to our sales team today to find a solution that will work for you.

Industries We Serve

Every industry has unique hiring needs. We have built customized screening solutions to meet your requirements. Learn more about a few of the industries we serve below. 


Competition for talent in the construction industry is at an all-time high. If you can’t hire fast enough, you are at risk of missing out on that new job or being able to serve existing customers. Hiring a reliable team is essential to keeping your employees and customers safe. Our construction pre-employment screening solutions will help you hire reliable candidates quickly.

Health Care

COVID caused unprecedented turnover in the health care industry. Providers struggled to find the employees they needed to serve their patients and keep them safe. You need a partner who understands your challenges and can help you hire qualified, reliable candidates quickly. Choosing Screen Corps’ health care employee screenings will give you confidence that your potential hire has the credentials and background you need, and you can get them on board quickly. 


Finding the staff you need for the kitchen, for the front desk, for maintenance and more remains a challenge. You not only want the best team as the face of your business but also you need them to meet customer expectations. You need a partner who understands the need for speed and quality, and Screen Corps is here to help. We’ll help you customize your hospitality employment background screenings to meet your needs and get you the results quickly.


Your early hires lay the foundation for your future success. When you’re building in the early days, you might think you can skip the screening step, but it’s even more important. Starting a company from the ground up requires assembling the right team with reliable credentials. With Screen Corps’ affordable options, we can help you find a screening package that works for you and help you lay a foundation for future success. 

Packages Suited to You

We have designed three packages that comply with the relevant federal and state guidelines. You can easily add other services to these packages or work with us to create custom screenings that will meet your business’s needs. Learn more about your options below.

The Front-Line Package

Choose our Front-Line Package to get essential screenings for your front-line staff. This package includes the following:

The Manager Package

The Manager Package includes screening processes for potential management team members. Items include:

The Executive/Professional Package

Our Executive/Professional Package offers a set of screenings that can help you gain confidence when hiring leadership positions, including:

Create Your Package or Add On to One of Ours

Customize your employee screenings with our “Create Your Own Package” option to suit your requirements. Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the services that meet your needs. 

* Please note that drug testing is not a standalone service we offer. Rather, it is intended to be part of a background screening package.

Why Choose Screen Corps?

Our founder, Holly Benson, knows exceptional companies rely on outstanding employees. While working as a lawyer and state regulator, she realized how crucial it is to find the right employees and learned how slow processes could jeopardize great hires.

She established Screen Corps with the vision of creating a background screening company that would serve as a partner to businesses, aiding them in hiring qualified employees and following regulations. Based in Pensacola, Florida, our team focuses on accurate, timely, and compliant employee screening nationwide.

Hire Smart with Compliant Employee Screening

Screen Corps is your go-to employee screening partner in Florida. Our team provides compliant solutions for any industry, from construction, hospitality, and automotive to nonprofits, start-ups, and health care.

With a focus on accuracy, timeliness, and compliance, you can trust Screen Corps to help you find the right people fast. Don’t wait – contact our sales team today.