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Our commitment is to help you hire quality employees quickly because your business depends on it. Learn more about Screen Corps & our history.

Our Story

Our founder, Holly Benson, believes exceptional companies begin with outstanding employees. After working as a lawyer and serving in the Florida House, Holly was appointed Secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. There she oversaw the licensing of over 1,000,000 Floridians, professionals and businesses, ranging from plumbers to neighborhood restaurants to major theme parks and traveled the state meeting with many of them. At every stop she heard: our business depends on quality employees.

She then served as Secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, where she supervised the licensing of health care facilities across the state and worked to ensure their patients’ safety. In addition, her team oversaw the state’s then $18 billion Medicaid program. And again, she heard from employers and patients alike: great employees matter

Later, as an EVP of Centene Corporation, Holly helped the organization grow to a Fortune 50 company with nearly 80,000 employees serving 26 million Americans. Once again: hiring quality people and onboarding them swiftly is non-negotiable.

Throughout her career, Holly has seen that great companies depend on great employees. She launched Screen Corps to help companies hire employees they can trust. As a native of Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, who was raised in Pensacola, Florida, Holly chose the name Screen Corps to honor our armed forces’ service, discipline, and integrity.

We are committed to helping you hire quality employees–quickly. Because your business depends on them… and us.

Recruit with Confidence

With Screen Corps, you can ensure every candidate is who they say they are. The right background screenings help you recruit and build a stronger team. Contact our Florida-based background screening company today to get started.