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Great companies start with quality employees, and proper background screening services help identify those quality employees and lower your company’s risk. Screen Corps is a leading background screening company that offers fast turnaround times, compliant screenings, and great customer support. Our screening services and packages assist diverse businesses and industries, including health care, start-ups, government, hospitality, and more. We can also customize our offerings to meet your needs. Browse our services and packages below and reach out to our sales team today to get started.

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Our Background Screening Packages

Most of our customers start with one of our standard packages and then add other features to get the insights they need. We can also help you customize your pre-employment screening process for your company’s needs. Every package is FCRA compliant and adheres to all applicable federal and state guidelines. We’ll get you the results you need quickly so you can hire with confidence.

Basic Package

Choose our Basic Package to get essential screenings for your front-line staff. This package includes the following:

Essential Package

The Essential Package includes screening processes for potential management team members. Items include:

Premium Package

Our Premium Package offers a set of screenings that can help you gain confidence when hiring leadership, including:

What We Do

Our Background Screening Services

Our background screening services provide the information you need to make an informed, confident decision when hiring new employees. Whether you choose our standard packages or create custom screens, you receive the information you need quickly and easily.

Criminal Background Screening

You want to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Screen Corps’ criminal record checks, including sex offender registry checks, can provide the details you need to make the best hiring decisions for your business.

Identity Check

The first step in background checks is ensuring that your candidate has provided accurate and complete identity information. Candidates can sometimes provide inaccurate information, either intentionally or unintentionally, and Screen Corps will help you accurately verify applicants’ identities. Once we’ve confirmed they are who they say they are, we’ll proceed with the full pre-employment background check.

Experience Verification

You want candidates with the experience they need for their roles. We’ll help you confirm that they have the education, certifications, and other necessary qualifications.

Drug & Health Screening

Screening for drug use and conducting health screenings can help you ensure that you’re maintaining a safe and productive workplace. Screen Corps’ suite of services can help you detect potential risks associated with drug use, medical conditions, and more.

Driver Screening

If employees will be driving for you, safety has to be a top priority during the hiring process. Our Motor Vehicle Record checks use license numbers to check an applicant’s driving history based on official driving records.

Create Your Own or Add On to One of Our Packages

You can easily start with our basic packages, customize your own, or choose from the additional services below. Our experts can help you choose the best employee screening solutions for your needs. Screen Corps’ service offerings include the following searches:

What Sets Us Apart

Why Choose Screen Corps?

Screen Corps’ founder, Holly Benson, is a lawyer who served as Secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. There, she and her team licensed over 1,000,000 businesses and professionals, ranging from plumbers to major hotel chains, from neighborhood restaurants to the engineers designing Florida’s highways. She heard from all of them how important it was to hire quality employees.

Then, she served as Secretary of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, where she and her team oversaw the state’s Medicaid program and licensed healthcare facilities across the state. And again she heard from employers and patients alike–great employees matter.

She left for the private sector and joined the executive team at Centene Corporation. During her tenure, Centene grew to a Fortune 50 company with nearly 80,000 employees who served 26 million Americans. Hiring quality employees and onboarding them quickly was non-negotiable.

Now, Holly has taken those lessons and launched Screen Corps. A native of Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, who grew up in Pensacola, Florida, Holly chose our name to honor the service, discipline, and integrity of our armed forces.

Her commitment is to help you hire quality employees–quickly. Because your business depends on it.

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Screen Corps offers valuable corporate screening services that provide the information you need to make quality hires. Our packages, add-ons, and custom solutions offer an affordable, quick way to ensure your new hires meet your needs. 

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