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Construction Pre-Employment Screening

Hire Confidently With Screen Corps

Demand for construction labor is at an all-time high. The nation needs workers to build buildings, install plumbing, do wiring, repair air-conditioners… That means that construction businesses have no time to waste when it comes to hiring.

Screen Corps can help construction businesses in Florida and nationwide hire quickly and confidently with our background screening services. Contact Screen Corps to find the solution that will help you hire qualified employees fast.

Why is Pre-Employment Screening Important in the Construction Industry?

Screen Corps’ background screening services will ensure that you keep your employees, customers, and business safe. In the rush to find skilled employees to do the work, it is tempting to skip the background check step, but Screen Corps will get you results quickly and ensure you have employees you can trust with your equipment, materials, and vehicles on the job site, and with your customers.

If you want to trust the people on your team, knowing that they are who they say they are and their history is essential. With the information Screen Corps provides, you can make informed decisions and build a great team.

Select a Package, Add On, or Create Your Own

Screen Corps has packages designed to evaluate employees for all levels. You have the option to assign different packages to different levels of employees, or you can customize the screening packages that best meet your needs. Based on our experience with businesses like yours, we have built the following packages:

The Front-Line Package

Choose our Front-Line Package to get essential screenings for your front-line staff. This package includes the following:

The Manager Package

The Manager Package includes screening processes for potential management team members. Items include:

The Executive/Professional Package

Our Executive/Professional Package offers a set of screenings that can help you gain confidence when hiring for leadership positions, including:

We can also customize packages based on your job descriptions. We offer additional employee screenings, from driving tests to credit checks to reference checks. Here is a sample of the additional options we provide:

Why Screen Corps?

Construction companies like yours choose Screen Corps for construction pre-employment screening services because they know our team will get them the information they need quickly, understand the pressures facing their businesses, and help keep their employees, customers, and companies safe.

Build Your Team With Construction Pre-Employment Screening

You have worked hard to build your team and set high standards. As a trusted background screening company in Florida, Screen Corps wants to partner in your efforts. When you choose us for your construction pre-employment screening, we will work with you to design a screening process that meets your needs and get you the results you need quickly.

You can select one of our packages or customize it based on your needs. Contact Screen Corps today to get started.